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We provide custom firmware for embedded devices, acoording to your needs

We can work with any micro controller like: MSP-430, ARM CORTEX-M, ATMEGA, 8051, PIC...

We are experts on ultra-low power consumption applications (battery powered devices).

We work with all kind of peripherals: Bluetooth and RF transceivers, NFC readers, Motor drivers, LED controllers, EEPROMS, Sensors...

Optimizing the use of micro controller capabilities: Flash, SPI, i2C, UARTs, Timers, PWM, USB, ADC...

Here are some of the integrated circuits we have worked with: CC1110, CC2560, PN512, CLRC6330, MFRC522, AS3911, nRF51822, USB2517, AT86RF233, CC2500, TRF7970

Firmware can involve any of the offered technologies, can be made to interact with mobile apps and software and can be developed for an existing PCB or with a new design.

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